Tired Moms Club Travel Group


Are you a mom? Are you tired? Let’s go on a trip and reset!

Your favorite mom travel buddy group (TMC) was founded in 2023 by Eliza, Heather & Kurstan. We want to go away for a few days with our gals to relax, cause some ruckus and reset. Join us! There are only 2 rules.. no kiddos and no significant others/spouses. Let’s meet up once a year for some gal pal fun and drop the “mom” at the port.

Our inaugural trip will be January 13-18, 2024 leaving from Galveston, TX to the Western Caribbean on the Voyager of the Seas!

We are working with an awesome travel agent, Eva Wallert with Ahoy Travel, to secure our Royal Caribbean Cruise Line bookings each year and we hope you’ll reach out to her, too!

Eva Wallert, Master Cruise Counselor
303 Maple St, Axtell KS 66403
Phone: 785-472-5757
**Eva’s Office hours are CST: Mon.-Wed. 9-5:00, Thurs. & Fri. 9-12:00

Hope to see you there!

Mom hugs,
Eliza, Heather & Kurstan


A few FAQs:

How much does the trip cost?
This is variable, per person. Cabin prices change all the time based on ship occupancy levels and cabin type. The cabin price is also based on double occupancy – so it’s much more economical to share with a buddy! Please check with Eva for current pricing. Your flight cost will also vary per location, travel times, etc. Food is included on the boat but there are also specialty dining options and beverage packages that can be purchased separately. Excursion bookings will also affect your final cost, should you choose to get off the boat in a port. Really – everyone’s cost will be different but there’s surely to be something that works well for you!

Do I have to book with Eva?
Nope. You don’t have to. But, we hope you do! Not only is she super helpful, supporting small businesses is an awesome thing to do!

Why should I book with Eva?
Eva will help with any travel arrangements you need. She will also continuously watch Royal Caribbean’s sales and will automatically rebook you at the lower price if something works in your favor. Our travel group will also create a fun swag bag and host an onboard Happy Hour for each trip that is only available to those cruisers who booked through Eva.

Can I still make payments on the trip if I book with Eva?
Absolutely! For this trip, specifically, final payments are due by October 14, 2023.

Will each year be a cruise?
Yes, it’s very likely.

Do I have to commit to more than one year?
Absolutely not. But, we hope you’ll be a repeat travel buddy!

Will there be group events on the trip?
We’ll meet for a hosted Happy Hour on one of the days at sea and will offer a group dinner to those that want to dine together. However, attendance is not required. It’s YOUR mom-cation. Do as you please!

What is there to do on the ship?
Each boat has many activities. You can see what the Voyager offers here.

Have a question that wasn’t addressed here? Send Kurstan a message!